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  "Likewise, when those who enjoy a hot bath inhale the air of the bath,
so that the heat of the air enters their spirits and makes them hot,
they are found to experience joy. It often happens that they start singing,
as singing has its origin in gladness."

Ibn Khaldun in Chapter 1 of Muqaddimah.
Noise Makers
Who doesn't dream of being a music star? Perhaps you dominate Guitar Hero 2, or maybe you sing in front of your stuffed animals and pretend they are Randy, Simon and Paula.
Or maybe you limit your melodies to the privacy and acoustic splendor of the shower.
Whatever your fancy, has you covered. It's a collection of fun, noise-making games. Make sure you're in a place where you can rock out your speakers before letting this one fly. Be sure to try out the shower singer and the guitarist. They're the best. Enjoy.
Bryan W, Your Daily Click, 08-02-2007
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